Welcome to Ataneq Fjord, a place that National Geographic Resolution has never been before. Today was the beginning of a new expedition day for us here at Lindblad Expeditions, a time to reflect on the natural beauty Greenland has to offer.

We slipped into Ataneq Fjord at 8:00 a.m., and we were greeted by an overcast, mystical morning with not a ripple on the water and not a breath of wind, but we did feel the crisp, cold air on our cheeks at a cool 1˚C or 33.8˚F.

The expedition plan in Ataneq Fjord was to allow our guests to immerse themselves in this wildness, giving them an opportunity to kayak over timid but fresh waters or enjoy a Zodiac cruise along the shores and through the central expanse of the fjord.

As kayaks were launched into the clear waters, Zodiacs were loaded with guests who wanted to explore this special place. The waters continued to be smooth, creating excellent conditions to enjoy both activities.

In between the keen kayakers and observant Zodiac cruisers, humpback whales showed themselves in their majestic way, displaying their flukes and constantly showing their blows.

Male and female eider ducks showed themselves, along with black and grey backed gulls and the odd raven scanning her skies.

It has to be said that a great time was had by all; no one wanted to go back to the ship at the required time. Everyone asked for time to be extended so they could take in more of these new findings.

The afternoon gave us time to catch up on information for disembarkation. We enjoyed a presentation by National Geographic photography expert David Wright, who shared an introduction to his next film project. We also had a presentation from our dive team, who showed guests the wonders of the undersea world.

An amazing day was enjoyed by all with beautiful weather and a glimpse of what this mystical land of Greenland has to offer. Cheers!