At 7:00 this morning, National Geographic Resolution arrived into port. Today our guests were given a variety of activities or excursions they could participate in as they explored the magic of Iceland.

The options offered were a glacial lagoon and boat tour, a nature and black sand beach walk and tour, the Halsar hiking tour for agile and fit walkers, and the cultural walking tour to take in the sights of this natural harbour and historical town.

These activities spread throughout the day with the glacial lagoon and boat tour involving a two-hour drive to the glacial lagoon. Guests witnessed the scenic views of the mountain and shoreline ranges and eventually boarded an amphibian vehicle to motor through the glacial icebergs and see glacial carving. This was followed by a lunch served at the Smyrlabjorg Hotel.

Guests enjoyed their time exploring the various areas, taking in the beauty of the landscape and wildlife on the Halsar walk to the flora and fauna at the black sand beach, and, of course, the rock collections at the rock museum on the cultural walk.

An interesting time was had by all, as we continue our adventures around the island of Iceland.