Bartolome and Rabida Island are two satellite islands that are very close to its main island known as Santiago. These two satellite islands are very small, but they are as beautiful and interesting as the larger ones. It was impressive to see the same lava lizard species on both islands. Both populations belong to the same species known as “Santiago lava lizards,” also found on the main island.  

We started exploring Bartolome Island before breakfast. The morning light at the island’s peak is magical and we will have one of the most spectacular views in all the Galápagos too. We made our climb up a wooden stairway built to protect the flora and fauna of this fragile ecosystem. The geology was also part of our experience. As we kept gaining altitude, the dramatic formation became even more amazing. Once at the top, the view was breathtaking and we spent some time in silence enjoying nature at its best.  

Later in the morning, we disembarked at a small gold-colored beach for water activities and a bit of relaxation. Some of our guests this week are fans of birds of prey, and their main goal was to see the Galápagos hawk, a top predator. They succeeded in their quest because one juvenile hawk flew along the beach just before we were ready to leave this place and continue our adventure on a different Island.  

Rabida Island was closed to visitors for a few months because of a rat eradication program being carried out. We are very optimistic that in the near future it will be declared free of this invasive species.  

In the afternoon, we sent one group of adventurous kayakers to explore some dramatic cliff formation, accompanied by playful Galápagos sea lions and many Pacific green sea turtles. We also sent a group of deepwater snorkelers to swim in the company of Galápagos sea lions, turtles, sharks, rays, and many species of fish along a rocky reef covered with green algae—the main food source for marine iguanas, turtles, and some species of fish.  

Tonight we have a long navigation to the western part of this oceanic archipelago where different friendly animals are waiting for us.