Our first full day in the Galapagos, and we’re eager to explore it! As the sun rose we had a pre-breakfast uphill walk to the top of Bartolome, a satellite islet of Santiago Island. The topography resembled that of the moon, and we spotted different geological formations such as tuff and spatter cones, and young basaltic flows.

Back on board we had all our snorkeling gear ready and waiting to explore the underwater world of Bartolome. This was our first snorkeling outing and we were excited for the possibility to swim with penguins, sharks and big schools of colorful fish. Later, we had a great talk about photography and oceanography on board and Immediately after, guests disembarked for more exploration. Kayaking and snorkeling along the coast of Rábida were the activities of choice. We ended the day with a sunset walk and enjoyed a lagoon filled with greater flamingos and sea lions basking on the beach.