Our morning began with a pre-breakfast outing to climb to the top of Bartolome Island; this island is famous for its geology and landscapes. After an invigorating walk, we had a great view of some of the islands in the central realm of the Galapagos. We enjoyed great weather with strong breezes, the perfect light for photography, and the most famous view of the islands in front of us. From the top, we also observed seabirds flying around the coast, such as frigates, pelicans, and boobies.

After breakfast, we went snorkeling and took glass-bottom boat outings along the coast of Bartolome. At the end of the morning, everybody returned to the ship. During lunch, we navigated toward Sombrero Chino Islet.

In the afternoon, our guests went snorkeling from the Zodiacs. This was an excellent opportunity to observe the marine life of the Galapagos. After snorkeling, some of our guests went on a Zodiac exploration to observe the coasts of Sombrero Chino and Santiago Island. We spotted some Galapagos penguins resting on the lava rocks. As we got closer, we observed Galapagos sea lions, pelicans, and a couple blue-footed boobies. We returned aboard after this coastal exploration and enjoyed a colorful sunset.