After eleven days of intense culture and lazy seafaring, we entered the Raja Ampat area of Indonesia. It was pouring rain. When I went outside to document the squall, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. It was going to be a banner day!

We began our tropical paradise excursion on Batanta Island, the smallest of the four major Raja Ampat islands. Guests were delighted to go snorkeling and diving. It was our first opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beautiful crystal-clear waters. The coral reefs and white sandy beaches are pristine and untouched.

Nobody was disappointed as we went into the sea. We spent the day exploring the coral reefs either by snorkel or SCUBA. The diversity of corals was distracting, and the colors of the fish included the entire spectrum of the rainbow. The white sandy beaches were crawling with hermit crabs, and the skies were filled with hornbills and cockatoos.

Today was special. Extra special. We were immersed in a landscape that seems untouched by humans. Everyone on this expedition will sleep well tonight.