The southern reaches of South America is shrouded in stories of treacherous waters and the explorers that dare them as they trail their way toward at the end of the world. Our experience in this wild region today proved to be on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, with beautiful sunny skies and calm seas. Cruising out through Beagle Channel, we devoted our morning to the craft of expedition photography with National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo and the cetaceans of Patagonia, along with with naturalist and resident whale nerd Conor Ryan.

Making our way south, the day’s conditions offered simply impeccable views with the occasional sighting of sei whales and various dolphins. Our fortunes with the day’s weather continued well into the afternoon, allowing us to make a landing at the famous island of Cape Horn. From the albatross monument to the lighthouse and stunning scenery, our afternoon certainly exceeded all expectations as we were spoiled, getting to enjoy this incredible location and monument in mariner history. A spectacular day at the end of the world!