We spent the morning rocking and rolling to the beautiful motion of a traditionally-rigged sailing ship under sail, and cruising at 7.5 knots in 28 knots of breeze. There was a lecture by Captain Sergey on weather and logistics, followed by “Part 2” of our iPhone photo talks with Andrew, our certified photo instructor.

Shortly after lunch, the crew of Sea Cloud furled the sails and we arrived at the unique town of Port Elizabeth, on Bequia Island. The anchor hit the sand and we began our exploration and cultural interpretive walks to the model boat shop and along the coastal boardwalk path. We met with Jess at the snorkel spot and spent the late afternoon until sundown enjoying the beautiful beach and crystal-clear waters.

The evening was capped off on board with dinner and a performance from the Kings Strings Band, followed by a relaxing evening at anchor on the mighty windship Sea Cloud.