Blomsterbugta is located deep in Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord, located within the North and East Greenland National Park. This morning, a grand hike was organized to trek up through a narrow valley to a small alpine lake. The trail isn’t too challenging, but it isn’t for everyone either. Along the way, guests spotted some arctic hares and a distant muskox. The clear skies and warm temperatures only added to our delight in discovering this remote part of Greenland.

Part of the afternoon was spent with a concentrated effort to find some wildlife, and we passed more muskox and quite a few harbor seals. Alas, the narwhal we hoped to find didn’t appear. Just before teatime, a Zodiac tour was quickly launched to cruise the 2.5-mile-long face of Waltershausen Glacier, one of the widest tidewater glaciers in Greenland. A few large icebergs had recently calved from the glacier, and the late afternoon light provided some fine photographic opportunities.