After an easy return crossing of the Drake Passage, we awoke to get a look at Cape Horn, the legendary tip of South America, feared by mariners throughout history. Today it was not so intimidating as the sun broke through in patches and the meeting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans undulated rather gently.

Traveling north towards the eastern entrance to the Beagle Channel, we were entertained with some presentations by the natural history staff and an interesting navigation. The channel contains many marine animals swimming about and today was no exception. The guests were fortunate to come across a group of sei whales, so we stopped for some impromptu whale watching. A special teatime was hosted by the hotel department at 4 p.m., and the Captain’s farewell cocktail party was underway as we came into view of Ushuaia. It’s been an enlightening, beautiful, and joyous trip to the White Continent.