Casual & Yanayacu/Pucate Rivers
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  • 16 Dec 2019

Casual & Yanayacu/Pucate Rivers, 12/16/2019, Delfin II

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Today, we started our expedition in the enigmatic Upper Amazon in Peru with high spirits. Before breakfast, first thing in the morning we went for a skiff ride looking for wildlife in a very narrow creek, Parahuachiro Creek. It was a very successful outing, and we saw many bird species and a couple of squirrel and black-mantled tamarins as well.

Right after breakfast, we went for a hike in an area known as Casual. Equipped with rubber boots, insect repellent, and a lot of enthusiasm, we explored a terra firme (“solid ground”) rainforest trail. We had the company of our expert Delfin II naturalists, plus three local native scouts from a nearby community. This outing was an introduction to fascinating dynamics of the neotropical rainforest and its inhabitants. The explanations of our naturalists and the eagle eyes of the local scouts made a great combination. We observed several frog and lizard species, as well as a Peruvian pink-toed tarantula and several insect species.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we explored the Yanayacu River, which is a black water tributary of the Marañon River. In this area we spotted several bird species at a close range and a couple of three-toed sloths as well.

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