Welcome to Santa Rosa Island!

This morning we arrived at Santa Rosa Island! As our guests enjoyed a mouthwatering breakfast, we all began to manifest our hopeful sightings.  At the top of the list – the Torrey Pine Grove, the island fox & the island scrub jay.

Today was a day for hiking and everyone onboard was game!

Some of our guests took the long all-day hike to see Torrey Pines and they were not disappointed! This is the only place in the world you can see this species of tree and their scent is intoxicating! There is another grove of Torrey Pines in San Diego however the species vary slightly.

The rest of our explorers took a variety of trails from the canyon trail to the coastal trail. Both the island fox and island scrub jay were viewed and a few of us even got to meet some of the volunteer rangers that work on the island. They gave those few lucky guests a short VIP tour of the abandoned farmhouse where rangers and their families once lived.

We ended our day with delectable cocktails made by bartender Ray Ray on the sun deck. Guests raised their glasses to cheers for their successful day exploring Santa Rosa Island.

The Channel Islands, what a special place.