Chinese Hat & Sullivan Bay
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  • 22 Apr 2022

Chinese Hat & Sullivan Bay, 4/22/2022, National Geographic Islander

  • Aboard the National Geographic Islander
  • Galápagos

Today we disembarked for an early Zodiac ride along the shore of Chinese Hat on Santiago Island. The beautiful islet is a great place to watch a few of the most iconic species of seabirds found in the Galapagos. This was our only chance this week to find Galapagos penguins, as there is a small colony living here. We found a few of them during our Zodiac ride and while snorkeling.


In the afternoon, we visited Sullivan Bay, a great place to imagine how the Galapagos Islands looked in the beginning, when they just emerged from undersea volcanoes. It was a great opportunity to talk about pioneer species and the geology of these volcanic islands. We ended the day with a delicious barbeque on the sky deck of National Geographic Islander.


Photographers: Pato Maldonado & Javier Carrión

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