We just began our expedition in the vast Upper Amazon region aboard Delfin II. The rainforest is sunny and dry with not much rain at this time of year. The river’s water level is very low. Still, this is the rainforest, and it could rain at any time! We would love a dry week, which would allow us to explore more and enjoy outings until sunset. During low water levels, most of the large birds stay close to the riverbank, attracted by the abundance of armored catfish. Egrets, skimmers, and cormorants are found nesting or sitting on the beaches.

This morning, we explored Clavero Lake, which is formed by several tiny creeks that join to form the large freshwater lake named Clavero (named after Manuel Clavero, a Peruvian army hero). The still waters of this lake are home to several species of fish and birds, including herons, egrets, and large flocks of cormorants. This morning, we saw them all. Additionally, we encountered a group of local fishermen who were pulling out their nets. This event was quite a show, and many birds tried to take advantage of the fishermen’s nets.

In the afternoon, we made a stop at Supay Creek along the bank of the Ucayali River. This area is home to many raptor species, including the yellow-headed caracara and the black-collared hawk. This region also has an enormous lagoon that is home to many shorebirds, such as stilts, cocoi herons, and others. We spotted our first freshwater dolphins!