At 0700 this morning our ship National Geographic Resolution arrived at the bay of Con Dao National Park in Vietnam. Our Captain Martin Graser and his bridge team maneuvered this grand ship through numerous fishing boats to arrive near our required landing point for the day.

The Zodiacs were deployed with excited guests, ready to experience their first expedition day in Vietnam. The morning was a visit to the Bao Tang Con Dao prison museum, where guests learned the history of the French colonial era and the “prison period.” It was a very moving and somewhat heavy experience indeed.

In the afternoon, guests were treated to a scenic tour of the island. We rode on local boats to a snorkeling spot where everyone could jump into the refreshing ocean and witness the fanfare of vibrant coral and fishes. Have you ever tried kayaking in a see-through perspex bathtub-looking paddling vessel? Well, some of our guests did just that, paddling over coral reefs and enjoying looking through the bottom of their vessel into the deep blue.

All in all, it was a great day!