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Corpach to Oban
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  • 21 Aug 2019

Corpach to Oban

  • Aboard the Lord of the Glens
  • Scotland aboard Lord of the Glens

The day was mostly overcast with occasional heavy rains. Many of us strolled the paths lining the Caledonian Canal before breakfast. Lovely light poured onto Ben Nevis, the highest point in Scotland at around 4,400 feet. As we finished breakfast, the ship sailed into Loch Linnhe on the Atlantic Ocean. The wind was fairly brisk, but the views quite enjoyable as we sailed for a few hours to the bustling town of Oban. On the way, we had an iPhone photography workshop and learned all kinds of new and exciting ways to shoot with our phones. Later on, we had a lecture on traditional Scottish clothing, which was quite interesting. We passed a lovely castle made famous by "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and also saw some lime kilns on a small islet.

During lunch, we docked in Oban (pronounced "Oh-bin"). At this point, the rain and wind had picked up, but those of us keen to taste whisky braved the elements to dash down the road to the Oban Distillery. There, we got a fantastic overview of the whisky-making process and a tour of the facility. The highlight, of course, was tasting the whisky! Later in the afternoon, a few hardy souls met for a trek up through the town's neighborhoods and gardens to McCaig's Tower, a strange but fascinating structure. McCaig was a wealthy banker and built the tower as a monument to his family. It was never completed, but today provides a garden viewpoint over the town for locals and visitors alike.

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