Today, National Geographic Endurance visited Detaille Island and the British research station, Base W. Finding a suitable landing was a challenge, but our intrepid team discovered a safe path for guests to go ashore. We opened the doors to another time and place inside Base W. Abandoned in the late 1950s and now classed as a historic monument, the interior of the main building is a fascinating glimpse into life on this remote island, including a small shed and a dog kennel. The occupants had to leave in a hurry at the time.

The island’s challenging nature was revealed to some of our more energetic guests. These individuals accompanied naturalists on a modest ascent behind the base. They hiked across a ridge, beyond rusting communications towers, and toward a colony of Adélie penguins clinging to a weather-beaten hill. Fortunately, the penguins’ antics and a truly stunning view across the bay made the trek worthwhile.

Photo caption: A selection of food found inside Camp W. Photo by Erin Britton