Nature challenged us properly as we were crossing the Drake Passage. Winds and waves kept us inside the ship, but the day passed quickly with the help of several talks and presentations from our experts on the Expedition Staff Team to add on to our knowledge.

Naturalist and geologist Joe Holliday shared his expertise on Earth Science and Antarctica. Then, we had a very interesting talk by Michael Jackson on climate change and the science behind it.

Our National Geographic photo expert Dan Westergren shared a few of his amazing stories as a polar photographer, and the things you have to endure as a photographer while traveling in these cold regions.

No winds nor waves can stop the hotel department from inviting us to Tea Time! Just as any other day, the galley set up a beautiful buffet with all kinds of treats. The last cocktail hour and recap for this expedition was, of course, not to be missed. Everyone made an effort to join us in the Lounge for a nice time before heading to dinner.

As we continue across the Drake Passage towards Ushuaia, we will experience a bit of motion of the ocean, but what an adventure this is! Just imagine all those explorers, more than a hundred years ago, that set sail towards the white continent crossing the Drake just as we do today.