After two days of sailing from Easter Island, we reached Ducie Atoll this afternoon. The atoll is part of the Pitcairn Island group, and it is a haven for seabirds, including boobies, terns, and petrels. As National Geographic Orion neared the atoll, the number of birds kept increasing. We gathered on the bow and the decks to scan the shore with our binoculars and cameras. There were swarms of birds above the island, and we had incredible views of red-tailed tropicbirds, herald petrels, phoenix petrels, and many other seabirds. Two Zodiacs went out to scout a potential landing. Unfortunately, the seas were a bit too rough. Instead of landing, our naturalist team told us all about the atoll from the bow while we observed the scenery. We learned about the ecology, shape, and history of the atoll. We also learned about the natural history of the birds we were seeing. At one point, around a dozen frigatebirds soared above the ship, banking in the wind. This gave everyone excellent opportunities for photography. We even had a red-footed booby land briefly on the bow! We spent the afternoon learning more about photo editing and enjoying some wonderful company and cocktails in the lounge. Onwards to Henderson Island!