National Geographic Orion spent the night traveling to the South Island seaside city of Dunedin. We voyaged up the same sheltered harbor that the city’s Scottish founders first sailed up some 160 years ago, following the earlier settlement of the city by the Maori who traded across the Tasman from the port. The city boasts stunning Victorian and Edwardian architecture framed by colorful gardens, parks, and cathedrals.

Upon arrival, guests joined one of two activities, visiting either the world’s only mainland albatross colony, or the Otago New Zealand fur seal colony. Guests were lucky to also see little blue penguins along the coast and several albatross species as we exited the harbor entrance! As we left Dunedin, the pilot impressed us all by making a transfer from the National Geographic Orion to the small pilot vessel in 25 kts look far too smooth. Lisa Hornak, our certified photo instructor, concluded the night with a New Zealand trivia night that was an absolute hoot!