This morning, we woke up in Albania! We explored new scenery, foods, and culture as we immersed ourselves in the cobblestone streets of Krujë. Intricately patterned, handmade items like rugs, slippers, and pashminas lined the storefronts on the street. We walked up and into the Skanderbeg Castle and the museum, where we learned about Albania’s hero, George Kastrioti a.k.a. Skanderbeg. After a fascinating journey through the history of Krujë, we scurried to lunch during the beginning of what would be a very wet rest of our afternoon. Determined to learn and explore, we quickly adapted with umbrellas and “leapfrogged” under awnings. Lunch at the Bardhi Restaurant was delightful. We enjoyed traditional foods paired with traditional Albanian music and dancing. The bus ride home to Sea Cloud was quiet with bellies full, but a few troopers amongst us took to exploring some of Durrës to close out a successful first day in Albania.