Today, we headed to the natural treasure of northwest Iceland, Dynjandi Waterfalls. After a well-prepared breakfast, some guests boarded Zodiacs and landed in the fjord, where they would start a 4-mile hike to the impressive Dynjandi Waterfalls. The ship repositioned shortly after, so the rest of our guests could land closer to the waterfalls, where they could make their way up to the top of them. The area didn’t disappoint, as a series of waterfalls cascaded from a total high of 300 meters (690 feet) above the sea level. The biggest one, Fjallfoss, sits at the very top and it looks exactly as a bridal veil. On top it is 90 feet wide and widens up to 180 feet at the bottom.

After lunch, we approached Geirþjófsfjörður, where thanks to the good atmospheric conditions, kayaks and Zodiacs were lowered. Our kayakers could listen to the numerous birds flying around, and the Zodiac cruisers saw, among many other bird species, a family of Whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus). The parents guarded four small cygnets, which were trying to camouflage close to the shore (despite their whitish feathers contrasting with dark volcanic rocks).

After enjoying a pleasant Zodiac cruise in the fjord, we went back onboard, where the hotel department surprised us with Icelandic hotdogs, followed by a talk by our Guest Speaker Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir. The days was not finished, as after dinner, we were delighted by the Icelandic musician Hafdís Huld. Fulmars, kittiwakes, and whales accompanied us while listening to the music. Throughout the day, wildlife, geology, culture, and music synchronized perfectly into a beautiful melody.