Dynjandi Waterfall & Vigur Island
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  • 27 Jul 2019

Dynjandi Waterfall & Vigur Island

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Our second full day in Iceland was spent visiting one of the most precious natural treasures of northwest Iceland—Dynjandi. Guests visited a series of waterfalls cascading from a total high of 300 meters (690 feet) above sea level. The biggest one, Fjallfoss, sits at the very top and it looks exactly as a bridal veil. At the top, it is 90 feet across but widens up to 180 feet at the bottom. There are other six waterfalls below Dynjandi, which most of our guests were able to enjoy as they climbed a path for a closer look.

In the afternoon, we visited a small island called Vigur. This peaceful place is the nesting ground for several species of birds. The most important of them, at least for the owners of the island, is the eider duck. They have utilized this species for decades as a source of protein (eggs) and collected the down left at prefabricated nests when the birds depart after a successful breeding season. These nests were created specifically to lure the birds into their lands and it has worked quite successfully for more than 100 years. The whole system of collection and processing was explained to our guests by the owners of the island, and after the tour, we enjoyed delicious local cakes baked by the islanders.

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