The weather was in our favor for our first full day in South Georgia. The day commenced with an early morning cruise in the Willis Islands followed by a Zodiac expedition in Elsehul Bay. We saw a range of wildlife, including fur seals, three species of penguins, and albatrosses.

Once back on the ship we relocated to Salisbury Plain to the second largest colony of king penguins in South Georgia. We again explored this coastline by Zodiac which allowed us to get very close to the thousands of king penguins on the shoreline and in the water. There was also a large number of young, curious fur seals and even a couple of elephant seals hauled up on the beach.

After a quick break back on the ship, we set out again at nearby Prion Island. This island is an important nesting area for several species of seabirds. While cruising around this island later in the day, we were rewarded with golden light and great views of gentoo penguins and several species of albatross gliding past. We also cruised past some very impressive icebergs.