Today we arrived to Española Island. The oldest island in the archipelago, Española is located in the southeastern realm of the Galapagos. We started our day early in the morning with an amazing pre-breakfast kayak outing along one of the cliff sides of the island. We saw many seabirds nesting and resting on rocks all along the coast. Then, our delicious breakfast was enhanced as we observed dramatic views of the area’s impressive volcanic landscape from our windows.

After breakfast, some of our guests disembarked on a big coralline beach named Gardner Bay, where we had the opportunity to walk with dozens of sea lions in a breeding colony. After that, we went for a remarkable second kayak outing. At the same time, deep water snorkelers went off to enjoy the deep blue water with amazing marine wildlife at Gardner Islet. To end the morning, we enjoyed the beach with its stunning soft, white sand and turquoise waters. Some guests had a pleasurable time walking with a group of very curious hood mockingbirds.

Back onboard, we enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch with margaritas. Later in the afternoon, we headed to Punta Suarez. This visitor site is located in a unique place on Española Island. We observed marine iguanas gathering in large groups on old lava boulders for warmth. Additionally, we observed majestic waved albatrosses, blue-footed boobies, the nesting grounds of Nazca boobies, and many other birds, including the Galapagos hawk.

Every day in the Galapagos is an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of nature through unbelievable encounters. Today was no exception as we visited the oldest island in the Galapagos. Our visit was outstanding!