Espumilla Beach, Buccaneers Cove & Puerto Egas

Steve Ewing, Video Chronicler

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  • 22 Jan 2020

Espumilla Beach, Buccaneers Cove & Puerto Egas, 1/22/2020, National Geographic Endeavour II

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II
  • Galápagos

Today our guests experienced Santiago Island. This is the island that Darwin explored the most when he visited the Galapagos back in 1835. Darwin, together with some crew of the Beagle, camped on the island of Santiago for a week. During this time, Darwin studied Galapagos marine and land iguanas, collected finches, mockingbirds, insects and plants. Most of the species that Darwin collected were unique to the islands. His time on Santiago Island also made Darwin notice that the Galapagos wildlife was strangely unafraid of humans.

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