Today, we woke up in front of Margerie Glacier, where we were treated to a small calving event. The incredible sound of “white thunder” broke the serene silence, and we watched a small tidal wave flip a few small pieces of ice. We moved to Russell Cut to get a peek at Johns Hopkins Glacier. Harbor seals were pupping. We kept our distance, so we didn’t disturb the mom/pup pairs. Continuing our wildlife outing, we stopped at Gloomy Knob, where we successfully looked for mountain goats. A few even had kids. Upon approach to South Marble Island, we spotted over 50 northern sea otters before we stopped at a hot spot for Steller sea lions and puffins. We ended our day by stretching our legs off the ship at Bartlett Cove, where we were treated to sightings of a spruce grouse with chicks and a sleeping porcupine sitting low in a tree. Today was a photographer’s dream.