On this day and early in our expedition, we were shown how quickly weather can change in the tropics. Simultaneously, we also learned that we are a group of travelers who know how to find a “silver lining.

As we boarded Zodiacs, we could see it was about to rain and prepared for wet weather. We were not aware of how wet it was about to become! To our astonishment, the rain was so thick and heavy that we had to return to the ship under the great leadership of Expedition Leader Leah. We were all grateful that she made this decision and were very happy to board National Geographic Orion. We waited out the weather in the comfort offered aboard.

There is no better ship on which to spend the day as we relocated, and we enjoyed a fabulous presentation from guest speaker Wade Davis on, “Light at the Edge of the World.” In the afternoon, Stephen Fisher gave a presentation on this region’s integral part in the war efforts. In the evening, we met visiting Grosvenor Teacher Fellows Cath and Kate. After a fabulous dinner, we enjoyed a presentation from Undersea Specialist Chris Cook on fish identification.

What began as an exciting day was followed by a great day on board as we move farther into the Solomon Islands.