It was windy and cold and really felt like an arctic expedition when we landed on remote and beautiful Flatey Island this morning. We visited the oldest and smallest library in Iceland as well as a church that dates back to 1926. I’ve been lucky to visit many times before, and it’s always a challenge to come up with new ideas, angles, and subject matter to photograph. For a change, I shot some in-camera double exposures today, sandwiching two frames of nearby scenes to create a final ‘surreal’ image that is hopefully still creative and interesting. I’ll let the viewers of the photos decide whether I succeeded with my goal!

With the wind howling at a sustained 35-40 knots, ocean conditions were, unfortunately, against us reaching the dock at Grundarfjordur this afternoon. Instead of a hike to a viewpoint below the iconic peak of Kirkjufell, we photographed it bathed in dramatic storm light from the ship as we sailed onward to our next destination.