Today, National Geographic Islander spent the whole day on the amazing island of Floreana, located in the southernmost spot of the archipelago. Floreana is known not only by the biodiversity that makes it unique, but also because of the historical importance of the famous “post office” barrel. This site was the first post office in South America (1793) and is still in use. Continuing the tradition, our guests left their own postcards behind and took some of the ones left before them.

Our visit to Floreana was completed when we walked the trail of Punta Cormorant. After a wet landing, an easy trail took us to a brackish water lagoon. We found Galapagos flamingos surrounded by beautiful palo santo trees. After a short walk, we ended at a white sandy beach. We looked for marine turtles near the shore, and we enjoyed relaxing on the beach and observing the wonderful sunset.