We woke to pretty clouds above the tree-covered hills as we sailed into Idaho Inlet, seeking wildlife. After breakfast, we landed at Fox Creek and hiked into a small waterfall along a salmon stream, through stately spruce and hemlock trees. The temperature was cool in the forest and black-capped chickadees sang to us as we walked along. Kayakers paddled in a beautiful cove with mirror-like waters, and other guests headed out on a cruise along the shoreline to search for wildlife and birds. It was a stunning morning. We sailed to the Inian Islands anchorage during lunch, and soon we were launching our expedition landing crafts to explore. The waters of the Inian Islands and Cross Sound are rich with nutrients due to the mix of upwelling currents and flooding tides, providing a wonderful food source for marine wildlife and seabirds. On this wonderful day, we saw Steller sea lions, sea otters, many humpback whales, and a minke whale. Late in the afternoon, we sailed over near Elfin Cove and went ashore to explore this picturesque and quaint fishing village on foot, making friends with the local dogs and talking with fisherman as we walked along the boardwalks of town.