Leaving Scotland and St. Columba's Iona yesterday, it was our good fortune to arrive this morning in the land where he was born and grew up, County Donegal in Ireland. Here he is always known by his Irish name, St. Colomcill and it is entirely appropriate that we arrived here on his actual feast day. With St. Patrick and St. Brigid, he is one of three patron saints of Ireland.

First we went ashore on Tory Island where the voice of the increasingly rare corn crake could clearly be heard coming from the grassy fields behind the village. Many waders were nesting in the vicinity of a little lake while a party of choughs, calling characteristically, flew up from the beach showing their ebony plumage and coral red bills and legs. Tory Island has had a king from time immemorial, and the present king welcomed all of us very graciously. The island is well known for its school of painting - and some purchases were made.

In the afternoon we arrived in Killybegs, Ireland's busiest fishing port, where the ENDEAVOUR docked. From there started a bus tour which took us through glorious scenery over mountain and moorland in a great circle back to Killybegs where the good ship ENDEAVOUR waited. A great day was had by all.