Iles des Saintes/Pr. Rupert Bay

The World is a big place, endless horizons full of fear and wonder recede into the distance. From above beams of brilliance shine, disappearing into the darkness below. There are stories of other worlds beyond the reef, unreachable rumors of refuge and opportunity that call across the gulf of empty blue. But our small life has no concern with these flights of fancy; our home is here and we will not venture far from what we know.

The World is full, crowded, difficult to walk in but comforting in its recesses and sheltering places. Our long slim legs carry us easily over the cliffs and canyons, on and around great columns of purple sponge, beneath curling arms of golden crinoids. They are sticky, like Velcro, but even though many fear them, they cannot harm us.

Our legs carry us well, but never far. The World is full of danger, great mouths hunt us; we cannot forget them even for a moment. Always we keep the dark wall of the sheltering sponge close at our back, watching from safety. When light leaves the World we can go a little further. Darkness protects us from the fearful teeth and we can seek food of our own on the sandy ledges nearby.

The World is strange beyond understanding. Once, a bright light shone into our shelter, brighter than day. Something huge swam beyond and great eyes looked in. Was it a mouth, come to devour us despite our care? Full of fear, we retreated into the shadows, watched and waited. Then the light was gone and the World went on as before, full of mystery.

Perhaps, if we could ever travel to other worlds, perhaps we would. There must be so much to know.