Isabela and Fernandina Island

Last night was a perfect night with a nice fresh breeze, very smooth sailing, and the best of all, we could see the brightest stars while there was a beautiful orange full moon.

Early in the morning, before the wake-up call, some of our guests were already walking around the ship, getting ready for the wonderful view of Roca Redonda, which was next to the ship by six thirty in the morning. Then we were amazed by the hundreds of birds around the rock, many different species flying all over, and many fish jumping, and even some bottlenose dolphins came to give us a little show.

It gets bright and warm very fast this time of year. At eight thirty in the morning, we crossed the equator line. Then we got close to Volcan Ecuador, one of the six Isabela volcanoes. There was nice blue water, and the time was prefect for a dinghy ride and right after that, a snorkeling outing where we saw several green sea turtles, cormorants and penguins.

We had a wonderful lunch, with a particularly beautiful dessert. It was sundae combined with a pod of at least two hundred common dolphins. Jumping in the middle of Bolivar channel, these creatures preformed a show that we enjoyed while we had vanilla ice cream with chocolate.