Another successful day in Galapagos! We all are sure that today's visit was enjoyed from beginning to end. We began our experience with incredible bird-watching on the island of Tower. Red footed boobies were probably the highlights of the morning, while hundreds of frigate birds above our heads, with the classical pterodactyl wing, took us back in time for few seconds and made us feel on a prehistoric field where only the fittest will survive. Our day would not be complete without the great experience of snorkeling, feeling like we floated in the air without gravity, sharing our bodies and our souls with the colorful fish that surround us, as we cruise along the environment that they master. Enjoying every minute of the afternoon's walk, it became a totally relaxing time, when the surprise of finding the short-eared owl in front of our eyes left us both motionless and breathless, and only the sound of a "click" brought us back to reality. Yes! I am a dreamer, and whoever was not when coming here, may probably be surprised at leaving Galapagos full of dreams!