Genovesa Island

It does not matter the time of year, but every time that I come here, it is like a new experience with the bird life. It astonishes me the number and the variety of species which are nesting on this volcanic field. One of the unforgettable experiences is the fact of having minutes of silence. It is hard to believe that by doing so, we can hear an amazing symphony of natural sounds. Only when everyone stays quiet for a little while, the many sounds start to be clear to our ears, and we recognize the red-footed booby breeding calls, the frigate fledglings begging for food and the female Nazca booby honking to their mates.

This is the time of the year when there is not a down time. It is pretty busy for male frigates, which are working hard trying to get a mate. The red-footed boobies are building their nests and the swallow-tailed gulls are taking care of their little chicks. It was an active day for everyone on Genovesa, including us, the people on board Polaris. We had two great hikes, a Zodiac ride and a wonderful snorkeling experience.