Bartolomé Island

Last week when we started with the little campaign “Bartolomé free of footprints,” we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. The island trail is difficult in its definition, therefore is very easy to get out of the path, even for the most careful person.

This week we had placed, as promised by the expedition leader, a wooden sign at the beginning of the trail with the motto written on it together with a little note for the fellow naturalists that everyday visit the island.

Bartolomé is an extremely fragile ecosystem where, in spite of the little apparent fauna, erosion could cause great damage. The moonscape of this island is a great attraction for tourists and is as a consequence the most visited island of all.

There were some new footprints off the trail and that has to change; it is a matter of helping people understand that Nature deserves respect and that our necessities are not superior to Hers. At the end, not everybody that comes to the Galápagos does it through Lindblad, therefore not everybody has the same attitude towards Nature.

It is good to have the support of the company for these kinds of activities that are of extreme importance for the sake of the islands.