Isabela and Fernandina Islands

Seventy-seven guests, seven Zodiac drivers, one Expedition Leader, one Video Chronicler and five Naturalists had an unforgettable experience today. During our Zodiac cruise along the coastline of Isabela Island around Punta Vicente Roca we witnessed a great event. A small pod of orca whales was spotted in the distance. Right away, with the aid of walkie-talkie, gestures and other signals a general commotion was created. We all headed to the place the marine mammals were spotted. In the Galápagos Islands encounters with orca whales are not very common; therefore we truly enjoyed this remarkable encounter. For quite a long time, we had the unique chance to watch the spectacular displays the orcas were doing. The pod included a juvenile that was following a couple of adults. The male orca was pretty big; its conspicuous and typically tall and long dorsal fin was seen on the horizon. Many times we had the cetaceans just some feet away from the Zodiacs. The astonished orcas’ observers could not believe their eyes; they had one of the most beautiful whale species at such close range. Praising comments and expressions of happiness were heard everywhere. The whole event produced a beautiful synchronism of admiration, respect and pure delight.

Bottle-nosed dolphins, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, flightless cormorants and giant sunfishes (Mola mola), among other species, contribute to make the whole day filled with genuine joy. When our expedition was finally over, we felt that the thrill of discovery, the tonic of wilderness and the magic of the Galápagos marked deeply our minds and spirits in a way that is hard to explain. All of you that have had these kinds of intimate experiences with nature can understand what I am trying to express.