We woke up to a moody and beautiful day in Southeast Alaska on board National Geographic Quest. We were docked at Bartlett Cove, the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park. We walked up the dock and were led on hikes around this beautiful landscape. After boarding the ship again, we set sail into the breathtaking park. Soon, we arrived at our first hotspot, South Marble Island. Here we were treated to a haul out of Steller sea lions, tufted puffins, and even a lone humpback. We headed into an amazing brunch put together by the hotel team.

Soon after, we arrived at Gloomy Knob, where we were able to see mountain goats on top of the rock face. We then learned about expedition photography from certified photo instructor Shayne Sanders. It was just in time, as we had arrived at Johns Hopkins Glacier. It is hard to put into words just how beautiful this glacier is. Everyone was speechless as we silently drifted through the crackling bergs toward this wall of ice. We sat nearby for a long while and observed this special place. It was truly an amazing day aboard National Geographic Quest.