A calm morning found National Geographic Quest anchored in Glacier Bay at Bartlett Cove near the National Park’s headquarters. We rose early to stroll various trails and listen to the songs of the thrushes and wrens amongst this young forest where a massive glacier stood just 240 years ago. The morning was highlighted by a mother moose and a pair of calves browsing near a pond!

But the day was just getting started. Near a sheer rock face called Gloomy Knob, eight mountain goats were waiting for us along with a coastal brown bear that was working the tideline and grazing on mussels and barnacles.

After departing Gloomy Knob, we reached the main event: the tidewater glaciers that stand sentinel at the head of Glacier Bay’s west arm. Margerie Glacier treated us to one beautiful calving event that sent water rocketing into the air along with the distinct sound known as “white thunder.”

But Glacier Bay still wasn’t done with us. Shortly before dinner, we found three more brown bears and a moose near the shoreline of Russell Cut, a wildlife corridor that provides plenty of food. The evening was capped off with a beautiful sunset and a stop at South Marble Island to enjoy an assortment of seabirds and Steller sea lions. Whatever tomorrow has in store for us, today will be difficult to top!