Grenville Channel and Klewnuggit Inlet, BC, Canada
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  • 07 May 2022

Grenville Channel and Klewnuggit Inlet, BC, Canada, 5/7/2022, National Geographic Venture

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  • Alaska

We woke up to crisp air and fog rolling in over the mountains. We grabbed all our layers and our binoculars and went out to the bow to look for spirit bears. It seems our luck was for one night only, and this morning we found ourselves viewing humpback whales. We were able to identify two of the humpback whales using the citizen science project website, Happy Whale, and learned that their names are Webb and Loner. Both whales had recently arrived from Hawaii! We spent some time enjoying the whales and then moved on to Klewnuggit Inlet.


Klewnuggit Inlet is a beautiful Provincial Marine Park. We explored the various protected inlets and bays, finding a variety of life including a black, black bear! It is a rare trip indeed that our first black bear sighting was a spirit bear, so seeing this bear in its namesake coloring illustrated the stark contrast between our encounters so far this voyage. It was a wonderful day!

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