Puffins. Puffins in the air, puffins in the cliff, puffins in the water, puffins gliding. Puffins everywhere! Certainly, Grimsey Island is Puffin Paradise. No matter where you look you are surrounded by these incredible creatures. You can sit for hours by the cliffs, watching them leave the colony for their fishing trips, returning with fish in their bills, greeting each other upon arrival. Puffins show a great variety of behaviors—and they even use tools! It was recently discovered that they can use sticks to scratch themselves! Pretty good for a seabird. Aside from a great variety of seabirds, Grimsey is iconic for being the northernmost island of Iceland, being crossed by the Arctic Circle. A huge cement marble (Orbis et Globus) marks the place.

After spending our morning at Grimsey, we headed towards Husavik, where we visited interesting geological formations and one of the most iconic waterfalls in Iceland, Godafoss. Our day ended eating Icelandic hotdogs in the outer deck while enjoying the sunset.