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Haines, Alaska

Adam Jenkins, Expedition Leader, July 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 07 Jul 2019

Haines, Alaska

  • Aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird
  • Alaska
National Geographic Sea Bird cruised Lynn Canal this morning, anchoring off Haines while the guests enjoyed their breakfast in the dining room. A hearty breakfast was essential this morning, as adventures awaited us in the adventure capital of Southeast Alaska. Flightseeing, fly-fishing, canoeing, biking, and hiking were on the table, as well as exploring the small but lively town of Haines. The explorations of Haines set out and saw some classic flora and fauna of Southeast Alaska. Bald eagles perched in the branches above the streams and searched over the waters of the harbor for salmon. Meanwhile, the berries were beginning to add a splash of color to the greens and browns of the forested landscape. The blues of the blueberries and crowberries nicely complemented the reds of the watermelon berries and salmonberries. Exhausted from the unusual heat of the day and worn out by the day’s adventure, we were all happy to be back aboard our floating home. After our departure from Haines, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the sun glowing from behind Eldred Rock Lighthouse as red and alluring as a salmonberry.

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