Our exploration of coastal Norway continued today with a stop deep into Tysfjorden, one of the major fjords of Norway. At the far south end is a small settlement of summer homes known as Hellemobotn, translated as “end of the fjord.” Guests joined in a variety of hikes through a boreal forest along a trail that follows a glacier fed stream. A few of the heartiest hikers joined the strenuous hike to the top of the waterfall, while most enjoyed a more leisurely hike to the waterfall’s base. The trail is lined with birch, pine, and juniper trees, mixed with crowberry bushes and mushrooms.

Just before dinner, National Geographic Endurance explored Trollfjord, a very short yet very narrow fjord. Entering this fjord gives the bridge team a chance to show off their navigation skills and take advantage of the ship’s incredible maneuverability. A visit to Trollfjord isn’t complete without bringing the ship right up to the edge of the sheer cliff face, sometimes even close enough to pick a leaf from a tree branch!