In the morning, many of us were on the bridge before 7:00 a.m. to watch as we entered the Ilulissat Fjord (Greenland), surrounded by impressive icebergs. There is so much to see in the wonderful and colorful community of Ilulissat! We explored the new Icefjord Center (such an interesting building!) and from there walked the boardwalk, past Thule/Inuit house pits, to a breathtaking overlook. Ice as far as we could see! Aboard local vessels, we took tours along walls of ice and spotted fluking humpback whales. These will surely be some of our best memories from this trip.

After a dinner inspired by the cuisine of the Philippines, we were treated to a crew show. The talent on this team is boundless! Not only has our wonderful crew kept us moving safely and comfortably through the Northwest Passage, but they are also phenomenal musicians, artists, and singers! It is, of course, no surprise that the evening turned into a dance party, and fun was had by all!