I let the guests sleep in a bit this morning after a long but very successful day out on the Pacaya River yesterday. We had breakfast at 0700 and then boarded our skiffs to explore the narrow, black water Iricahua Creek. Sharp-eyed “motoristas” (Dennis, Armando and Edison) drove the three skiffs. Naturalists Jorge, Javier, and Ricardo were each in one of the boats. All three skiffs found reptiles, many species of birds, and several mammals. One skiff caught an angelfish.

In the afternoon, we offered kayaking and then skiff exploration on the Yarapa River.

The kayakers had perfect, cool weather for a quiet paddle downstream with the current. They observed a low hanging sloth, monkeys, and birds flitting in the branches overhead. The exercise was welcome after a good number of delicious gourmet meals aboard Delfin II. Later, we went by skiff further up the Yarapa River, winding our way through a small channel into a peaceful oxbow lake. Here we found giant water lilies, yellow-headed blackbirds, and a pair of nesting jacanas with four eggs in a nest on a lily pad.