We are in the western side of the Galapagos islands. Here we have the youngest islands of all, the islands that are in the process of formation with visible lava fields. In fact, there is currently a volcanic eruption on Isabela Island that has been going on for the last three months!

This morning, we explored the north of Isabela Island. This region is characterized by the cool waters of the Cromwell Current. Water temperatures are always below cool and productive. This is why we find an enormous population of sea turtles and marine iguanas here. Galapagos penguins and flightless cormorants also benefit from the rich, productive waters and an abundance of fish.

Punta Vicente Roca was our destination for the morning. Here, we went for a Zodiac exploration. Later in the morning, we snorkeled among green sea turtles. What a spectacular place full of marine life of all kinds! Penguins, cormorants, marine iguanas feeding underwater, and fish of all colors and sizes!

In the afternoon, we reached Fernandina Island, the youngest of all. Here we disembarked for an exploration walk. From the moment we landed until the end, we were surrounded by marine iguanas! This island happens to be a paradise for marine iguanas. But not only for these creatures! We also spotted red crabs decorating the black lava rocks. The best sightings were the newborn sea lions! This is the beginning of the breeding season. From now on, there will be baby sea lions all over the beaches of the Galapagos!

What a privilege to be here, to be part of this natural paradise.