This morning, National Geographic Islander II anchored at Vicente Roca Point, located northwest of Isabela Island. We enjoyed a Zodiac exploration of the coastline. Playful Galapagos fur seals along the rocky shoreline were the main attraction, and we also found many marine iguanas basking on the lava rocks. We observed flightless cormorants courting and blue-footed boobies resting on the ledges. We even got to see a little brown noddy tern chick in its nest. The island’s geological features are as amazing as its wildlife. Tuff formations, a cave, and intrusive dikes and collapses completed the experience.

After the Zodiac tour, we changed into our wetsuits to enjoy the water with turtles, sea lions, cormorants, and penguins.

In the afternoon, the ship repositioned at Espinosa Point to the northeast of Fernandina. We enjoyed a nice walk over lava flows and sandy areas covered by hundreds of marine iguanas. It is the beginning of the nesting season, and we saw some females fighting for territory. A Galapagos hawk was standing on branches in the mangroves, and sea lions played in the tidal pools.

We finished an amazing day full of activities and wildlife by enjoying the beautiful volcanic scenery during a very special wine tasting at sunset.