This morning, our expedition leader made an announcement over the PA system: someone spotted orcas near the ship! We all gathered quickly on the outer decks.

After breakfast, we boarded Zodiacs and headed out to see the orcas more closely. We carefully approached the pod and waited. Our patience paid off, and the pod grew curious and moved closer. One large male, four females and at least two calves came to check us out. The pod spread around the bay, and one by one, they swam very close to our Zodiacs. A few swam belly up, and others jumped high in the air. They gave us an unforgettable experience.

Later, we went ashore for a warm and sunny walk to the interior of Urbina Bay. As we moved inland, we spotted two Alcedo giant tortoises; one was young, and the other was a large male eating plants right on the path. We returned to the beach to swim and relax.

This afternoon, we navigated for about two hours before heading to Tagus Cove. Some guests went kayaking and snorkeling. Others hiked to the top of a crater. The vistas were spectacular, and we took the opportunity to photograph the area. Guests explored the coast in Zodiacs, eyes peeled for Galapagos penguins and Galapagos flightless cormorants. We observed several clusters of Galapagos marine iguanas sunbathing, including several very colorful males. This is their mating season; in a few weeks, females will start laying eggs.

Back onboard, everybody shared about the day’s experiences.