Today we woke up to a breathtaking sunrise aboard National Geographic Venture. Cruising through Loreto Bay National Park on glassy calm waters was a real treat. Spirits were high as we boarded the Zodiacs to head to shore for our morning excursions.

We spent the morning hiking around the island while some guests went on aerobic, moderate, photo, or beachcombing hikes. This island is incredible, and it offers stunning views from a number of lookout points. Other guests chose to kayak or stand-up paddleboard on the crystal clear waters of Honeymoon Cove.

After lunch, we headed to a shallow reef to spend an afternoon of snorkeling and seeing the lush biodiversity that the Sea of Cortez has to offer.

Once we were showered and changed, we headed back to the beach where the hotel team set up a beautiful beach BBQ. We enjoyed a delicious meal and cocktails while the sunset exploded across the sky in front of us. Many of us participated in a rock skipping competition while laughter and cheering were heard all around. After dark, our certified photo instructor, Eric Guth, taught a class on photography. Meanwhile, naturalists Shayne Sanders and Carlos Navarro searched for scorpions with UV lights. It was astonishing to see them glow, and it really rounded out an incredible day here in Baja California.